I just want to say thank you for all the help you guys have given me throughout my tutoring. I ended up going from a 23 on English to a 32 and improved my super score to a 31. Your team was a big help in all areas.

Mike M.

I got my ACT score back last night and was VERY excited to see that I got a 35. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to prepare me and improve my score. I feel a lot better going into college applications with this score. Thank you thank you thank you! I really appreciate all the ways in which you helped me.


Laura George was great at helping me tie my ideas together to bring my essays to life.


Laura was such a pleasure to work with for both me and my student. She is very responsive, even answering more general questions about college visits, curriculum choices, etc. With her support, my son raised his score and absolutely conquered the ACT test! She is knowledgeable and adjusts her focus based on test results and student needs. Laura’s service is worth every penny. We will definitely be utilizing Laura George Consulting when my son is ready to start applying to schools.

Stacey F.

We used Laura for SAT and ACT prep. Our girls are smart, but Laura's tutoring helped them improve their scores dramatically! She really cares about each student's needs and desires and completely tailors instruction to the student. She suggested a university to my daughter that we hadn't even considered a possibility. She ended up getting in (even won some scholarship $$!). She just graduated from there this year, and our other daughter is headed for law school. I can't express how grateful we are that we found Laura. She definitely made a difference in our college experiences!

Patti P.

Laura provided my daughter with outstanding ACT test prep. What could be extremely stressful became a non issue because of her clear and concise instruction. Tutoring was always a positive experience as Laura was motivating and boosted my daughter's confidence. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor!

Missy F.

Highly recommend Laura. She helped my daughter surpass her goals set for the ACT by tailoring the tutoring to her specific needs. She gained the confidence needed to perform to her full aptitude. My daughter learned so much and I highly recommend her. My daughter told me that without Laura's expertise and guidance she would not have been able to achieve such a high score and increase from her original score. From start to finish positive results!!!!

Debra K.

Laura was very helpful with preparing my son for the ACT test. She analyzed his weaknesses and gave him specific strategies to maximize his scores. In addition, she imparted valuable information and advice regarding the application process. We really appreciated the guidance she provided to him on his common application essay. We look forward to utilizing her services with our two younger sons in a couple of years.

Dena H.

Laura was extremely helpful in my college search as well as my job search. Choosing the right college and then creating the best possible application can be a difficult task, but with Laura's help I was able to minimize the headache. I got into my school of choice and then reached out to Laura again when it was time to create a resume and cover letter template. Her work has been flawless, and she is also fun and enjoyable to work with.

Sanders. D.
South Carolina

Our daughter had taken the ACT four times, but was not achieving the scores she wanted (and needed) to get into her first choice school: The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. This happened even though we had spent a few thousand dollars with a local tutoring company (Oxford) over that past year. Then a recommendation from a friend sent us to Laura George and we had her start meeting with our daughter immediately.

Over the next month, they met 4-5 times. Then our daughter took the ACT test once more. She absolutely nailed the test, improving her composite score 3 points over her best previous score. In fact, she significantly improved scores in all categories of the test.

After the test, Laura then helped our daughter polish up her college essays. The end result: our daughter was directly admitted to the IU Kelley School of Business as a freshman.

We could not be more thankful for the services and guidance of Laura George. We only wish we had gone to Laura from the start. We highly recommend Laura to anyone wanting to improve test scores or polish up essays or applications. She is the best!!

Bill C.

This past ACT season my son who is a junior took his first test in February. We were not that pleased with his score. So I asked around and was referred to a few but chose Laura Bishop George. All I can say is THANK GOD!! After her tutoring she helped raise his score 5 points!!! Not only is she an incredible tutor, she helped him relax and gave him the confidence he needed to be successful. He now has his choice of universities to pick from.

Thank you Laura. I hope you realize the impact you have on these students.

Angela L.

Call Laura, everybody! She helped get my kids into top-tier schools, starting with ACT prep. She's kind of amazing...

Jodie J.

Laura has done an amazing job with my children and a number of other children of my friends as they prepared for standardized tests, school applications and other written materials. I highly recommend her. She is personable, responsive, available and a genuine pleasure to work with. She provides real, tangible results.

Chris D.

She gave my daughter the confidence to go for her goal. As a result, my daughter raised her ACT score over 6 points and she was accepted at the University that the college counselor at her school told her she would not get in. Ha, ha... Go for Laura... She rocks.

Happy mom, Annette G.

I am proud to write this letter of recommendation for Laura George as the consultant you go to for assistance in writing college essays. Laura helped my son (a Stevenson graduate) with his college essays. My son is now attending his first choice university. This is a university with only a 17% acceptance rate.

Laura’s method was sitting down with my son in a couple of meetings brainstorming and getting him to focus on topics that would give the admission officers a sense of who he is. Laura’s approach and dedication helped to make sure that my son stayed focused and produced top notch essays that not only showcased his writing skills but also revealed things important about him and his personality that his grades and test scores could not.

We owe a great deal to Laura and will definitely use her as a consultant for my daughter in 3 years when she is looking to impress the colleges of her choice with her application essays.

Van Ann K.

As a junior in high school, my dream was to be admitted to the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. The only thing that impeded my acceptance into the business school was my ACT scores. Prior to working with Laura, I had been attending a local tutoring service and after months of test preparation I was barely seeing any improvement in my ACT scores.

Once I started working with Laura, not only was my test preparation completely personalized I found myself willing to trust her only after a few sessions. As a result, we were able to raise my last (and final ACT) composite score by a total of 3 points as well as improve my scores in all subject areas. Since I finally had the scores necessary to be accepted, I just needed to have the essays to support my application. Laura continued to work with me to help critique and polish my essays.

When Fall finally came around, I had received my letter confirming my direct admission into the Kelley School of Business. I am forever grateful to Laura and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a unique, personalized experience to achieve their personal and academic goals.

Sara C.

Laura has the extraordinary ability to help students write amazing college essays. She helped my nephew focus on his personal interests and goals in order to achieve an amazing essay. Due to her work with the Admission Committee at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Laura understands what it takes to make an essay stand apart from the rest. Her dedication and attention to detail helped my nephew gain entrance into his dream college… Go Irish!

Joanne P.

I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into working with me. Those months were a stressful time, but you facilitated it all for me. And, with the result of some fantastic essays! I cannot be more thankful to have worked with you.

Michael M.
New Jersey

When I started to apply to colleges while I was in high school, I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the entire process. My ACT score wasn’t where I needed it to be, and my Common App essay didn’t feel as strong as it could have been. Meeting with Laura helped me immensely with both of these things.

After just a few sessions with Laura, I felt much more at ease about the entire application process. Her incredible tutoring abilities made me more prepared and more confident going into the ACT, and I was able to achieve the score I wanted after taking the exam just one more time.

Laura then helped me tackle the daunting Common App essay. She gave me so many helpful tips about how to be more genuine in my writing and present colleges with a story that revealed who I really am as a person. Thanks to her advice, I was able to rework my essay in to a fantastic final product.

Just a few months after these sessions with Laura, I started receiving many acceptance letters to colleges that I could not imagine having been accepted into the previous fall. Her one-on-one sessions helped me boost my overall ACT score and write a genuine essay. I strongly recommend Laura to any high school junior or senior who needs assistance with the college application process.

Tyler J.

Thank you for your help, Laura! It was nice to have someone outside of the family to make suggestions and help with editing; our daughter was more receptive to and objective to your suggestions, which allowed her to refine her essays, while still maintaining her voice, ideas, and writing style. You offer a fabulous service and will keep you in mind in 5 years for my youngest.

Laura B.