I got my ACT score back last night and was VERY excited to see that I got a 35. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to prepare me and improve my score. I feel a lot better going into college applications with this score. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate all the ways in which you helped me.

S. H.

I just want to say that some friends thought we were foolish to pay for tutoring for any testing. I thought it would not hurt and if nothing else give her confidence with the actual test. Her first practice test at Laura George was a 24. With a 31 for the actual score of her first attempt at the ACT test, I would say that the tutoring was so well worth the time and money. Thanks so much!!!

J. P.

My tutors taught me plenty of very important lessons, but the best part is that they really boosted my confidence in my own knowledge and ability to do well on the test.

N. P.

We highly recommend Laura George Consulting. My Son did the ACT Prep, gaining critical skills and confidence throughout the process, allowing him to achieve his target score. Laura and her team of Tutors and Parent Liaisons are knowledgeable, highly professional, and experts at navigating what can be an overwhelming and stressful process for parents and students alike. Very happy with our choice to utilize Laura George Consulting and will definitely do the same thing with our daughter who is next in line!


Truly thankful that we found our way to Laura George for ACT prep for my daughter. While we wanted her to achieve the best score possible, we knew we wanted ACT prep that she could “enjoy” and manage with her already full load of sports and academics. Balance was important, especially knowing the pressure cooker that area high schools can be for our young people.

Our daughter began the prep the summer ahead of her junior year. She was hoping to have a lot of the work out of the way, so she could focus on her classes and sports schedule during her junior school year.

The scheduling is flexible and accommodating, which was huge for us. The tutors are effective and my daughter actually enjoyed her time with them. Another huge benefit to their program. I didn’t feel like I was forcing my kid into this process whatsoever.

She is only mid-way through her junior year and she has improved her ACT by 9 points in the 5 months she has been working with her tutors. The tutoring was worth every penny and we are more than pleased that her score opens up some doors for considerable merit scholarships.

I can’t recommend Laura George Consulting enough.

M. Z.

I just want to say thank you for all the help you guys have given me throughout my tutoring. I ended up going from a 23 on English to a 32 and improved my super score to a 31. Your team was a big help in all areas.

M. M.

Laura George was great at helping me tie my ideas together to bring my essays to life.

L. S.

My son raised his score and absolutely conquered the ACT test! Laura’s service is worth every penny. We will definitely be utilizing Laura George Consulting when my son is ready to start applying to schools.

S. F.

From start to finish positive results!!!!

D. K.

We highly recommend Laura to anyone wanting to improve test scores or polish up essays or applications. She is the best!!

B. C.

Call Laura, everybody! She helped get my kids into top-tier schools, starting with ACT prep. She's kind of amazing…

J. J.

As a result, my daughter raised her ACT score over 6 points and she was accepted at the University that the college counselor at her school told her she would not get in. Ha, ha... Go for Laura... She rocks.

A. G.

I am proud to write this letter of recommendation for Laura George as the consultant you go to for assistance in writing college essays. Laura helped my son (a Stevenson graduate) with his college essays. My son is now attending his first choice university. This is a university with only a 17% acceptance rate.

Laura’s method was sitting down with my son in a couple of meetings brainstorming and getting him to focus on topics that would give the admission officers a sense of who he is. Laura’s approach and dedication helped to make sure that my son stayed focused and produced top notch essays that not only showcased his writing skills but also revealed things important about him and his personality that his grades and test scores could not.

We owe a great deal to Laura and will definitely use her as a consultant for my daughter in 3 years when she is looking to impress the colleges of her choice with her application essays.

V. K.

When Fall finally came around, I had received my letter confirming my direct admission into the Kelley School of Business. I am forever grateful to Laura and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a unique, personalized experience to achieve their personal and academic goals.

S. C.

Laura has the extraordinary ability to help students write amazing college essays. She helped my nephew focus on his personal interests and goals in order to achieve an amazing essay. Due to her work with the Admission Committee at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Laura understands what it takes to make an essay stand apart from the rest. Her dedication and attention to detail helped my nephew gain entrance into his dream college… Go Irish!

J. P.

I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into working with me. Those months were a stressful time, but you facilitated it all for me. And, with the result of some fantastic essays! I cannot be more thankful to have worked with you.

M. M.
New Jersey

I strongly recommend Laura to any high school junior or senior who needs assistance with the college application process.

T. J.

Thank you for your help, Laura! It was nice to have someone outside of the family to make suggestions and help with editing; our daughter was more receptive to and objective to your suggestions, which allowed her to refine her essays, while still maintaining her voice, ideas, and writing style. You offer a fabulous service and will keep you in mind in 5 years for my youngest.

L. B.