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Image by Einar H. Reynis

Sterling Werfal

Science Tutor


Sterling hails from Shreveport, Louisiana, but has lived in the Chicagoland area for 13 years. Upon graduating high school, Sterling received a full tuition and housing scholarship to the University of Illinois at Chicago through the Honors College's President's Award Program Honors Scholarship. With their expansive curiosity and multidisciplinary interests, they spent time studying Neuroscience, Computer Science, and Human Development and Learning.


During their time in undergrad, they spent three years working in research on three different projects including electronic medical record development with the goal of reducing miscommunication during nurse shift handoffs, the physiological origins of treatment resistant epilepsy, and computational neuroscience aiming to develop a predictive model of brain networks. They also volunteered teaching comprehensive health education in Chicago Public Schools where they found a passion for helping young people make the wise decisions necessary to achieve their goals. 


Sterling has also tutored for four years, developed SAT curriculum, and has a deep fondness for the ACT science test that helped them land their scholarship. Sterling is currently the Regional Director of Operations for a company that provides STEAM focused before and after school programs for children and adolescents.


In their free time, Sterling loves to ski, sing, and watch competition reality TV shows. They are an avid Mariah Carey fan, and dream of going to Disney World, but have never been.

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