Laura Hagglund, M.S.

Math Tutor and Test Review Specialist

Laura Hagglund tutors students in the ACT/SAT Math sections. Laura graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, cum laude, from Michigan Technological University and earned her master’s degree in Computer Engineering while working as an engineer for General Electric. Laura held increasingly responsible positions with GE, Kellogg’s, and Travelers Insurance as she transitioned from engineering to information systems management over the next 15 years. At that point she and her husband made the decision for her to stay home and raise their two children. When her children reached school age, Laura took on a new career as a high school teacher in the subjects of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. In that role Laura discovered her passion for teaching and especially working with students to reach their full potential. Laura understands setting and achieving meaningful goals, equipping her students to challenge themselves to plan a path to achieve their own success. In her free time Laura enjoys spending time with her family, taking daily walks, and playing golf.