Felisa Brach, B.A.

Verbal Tutor

Felisa Brach is Verbal ACT/SAT tutor in our Barrington office. She is an experienced English teacher, having taught each level of high school English over the past six years. Her experience in the classroom has shown her the importance of the individual learner and has given her the opportunity to use differentiated approaches.

Felisa's background includes assisting students who struggle with test anxiety, and understands that it is important to adapt her teaching style to each student's unique needs. She believes that goal setting is the foundation of success, and that all students deserve to achieve their own individual goals.

Felisa is first generation college graduate. She earned a degree in English Education from Illinois State University and has additional training in test anxiety management strategies. She has taught at Elgin High School and Bartlett High School. She is married with two young children, and enjoys reading in her free time.