Christine Kluiszo

Science Tutor

Christine holds a BA from Columbia College Chicago where she studied Screenwriting and Directing. She is currently completing the Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography program at Harper College and is enrolled in multiple advanced science courses.

Christine worked as a Unit Secretary and Patient Care Tech in a clinical setting for 13 years and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a wonderful team of science professionals. Over the years, she has also freelanced as a producer and director creating short documentary and image pieces with her husband who is a working cinematographer. Christine is also a professional Nerd who plays D&D once a week. She plays a Forest Gnome Wizard named Esmir Elda who has an owl familiar.

Christine finds a lot of parallels between storytelling and science, which on the ACT is really an exercise in critical thinking and understanding/digesting information provided. One of her favorite authors is neurologist Oliver Sacks who the New York Times has describe as "the poet laureate of medicine” His stories/case studies inspired filmmakers and playwrights who adapted his science into stories. Braiding Sweetgrass by botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer is another book that brings together myth and science and is on Christine’s top 10 list.

As a current student, Christine enjoys mentoring her classmates and helping them find creative ways to learn and remember complex scientific concepts and skills. As a tutor, she aims to help each student see the story in each ACT science exam and go on to tell their tales of success.