Ammar Khan, B.S.

Verbal Tutor

Ammar Khan is a son of the midwest, living in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Illinois during his life. His passion for English consummated in an English and Theatre degree at Xavier University in 2017. Tutoring has been one of his many passions since graduating, as ACT/SAT prep allows him to work with students on their grammar and rhetoric skills. His methods borrow from different pedagogical perspectives, encouraging his students to think outside the box when approaching test taking.

For Ammar, teaching has been a lifelong journey, starting with his years in Montessori, spanning to his current Art Therapy studio in Bannockburn. He helps assist Occupational and Speech Therapists in a clinical setting during the day, working with the special needs population in the North Shore.

Ammar Khan currently resides in Lincolnshire, where he continuously and meticulously crafts works of art, including music albums, 3-D Prints, and film projects in his home studio. Ammar has released three independent records since college, and regularly performs in the Chicago scene. He is hard at work on a documentary feature!