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College Application and Essay Coaching

College Application and Essay Coaching

At LGC, we assist high school seniors, college transfer students, and potential graduate students with the college/graduate school application and essay process.

Our coaches work with a limited number of students each application season to ensure that they provide unlimited access and undivided focus to each student. Spots fill quickly; please contact us for more information.

Learn More About Our Coaches

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Anne Windholz

Anne Windholz, College Essay Coach and English and Reading Tutor, holds a BA from the University of Colorado and a PhD in English.....Read More

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Beth Corelli

Beth Corelli has more than 20 years of communications and writing experience in media, cultural and higher education institutions....Read More 

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Karen Ecanow

Karen’s strong writing and editing skills, acquired through her practice as a lawyer, have enabled her to make a seamless transition to....Read More

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Jane Hoffman 

Jane Hoffman is a seasoned writer across multiple genres. She has published stories in online issues of Wired, Forbes, Money, Inc.....Read More


Applying to college can be stressful for both students and parents. Coaches facilitate this process by meeting with students, getting to know them, and helping them to reflect upon their backgrounds and accomplishments and clearly articulate their interests and goals. 

Utilizing an organic process of guiding students through brainstorming exercises, the coaches collaborate with students to help them identify meaningful, personal topics for the main Common Application essay and school-specific supplemental essays. 

The coaches then support students as they develop their initial essay drafts, revisions, and final product. Our coaches ensure that our students’ content conveys their central theme through their genuine voices so they produce mature, introspective essays that will help them get accepted to their target colleges. 

We also offer assistance with initial college selection, completion of the Common Application (or Coalition or specific college applications), and college interview preparation.

I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into working with me. Those months were a stressful time, but you facilitated it all for me. And, with the result of some fantastic essays! I cannot be more thankful to have worked with you.

M. M.

The Essay Process

Start the process by scheduling a free initial 20-minute phone consultation ​so that we can discuss your child's unique needs and goals. We will then recommend a personalized plan of action. 

The student experience begins with a meeting between student and coach, typically via Zoom. The coach guides the student through a supportive discussion process that encourages them to consider the characteristics and traits that describe them and identify the influences that have shaped the people they have become. Together, they then dive deeper into these stories through a series of writing exercises in order to identify those that will make the best possible content for the various essays the students must write. 

After selecting a topic and supporting details, the student will create a first draft to submit to their coach. From there, the coach guides the student through an additional set of writing exercises to further flesh out and strengthen content, as well as a reflection exercise that will help the student identify revisions and additions they wish to make to their essay.

After these steps, the coach will offer high level thoughts and comments on the revised essay draft and recommend areas in which the student can elaborate, revise, and/or condense in order to improve the essay.

Laura George explains LGC Essay Process. 

Once content is solidified, coaches will work with the student to augment the structure of the essay and propose necessary grammatical and/or punctuation edits. Throughout the process, the coach is dedicated to ensuring that the student’s genuine voice is maintained and his or her core theme is clearly reflected so that the essay makes the greatest impact on admissions committees.


The process of sending essays back and forth to perfect them varies in duration depending on the pace at which a student submits revisions as well as the number of supplemental essays a student has chosen to write in addition to the main Common Application essay. Typically, the entire process lasts one to three months. We advise beginning this process during the summer prior to senior year to ensure ample time to produce excellent essays. 

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