Leadership Comes in Many Forms

A parent asked me a question about the importance of demonstrating leadership with respect to college applications. I felt this was an important topic to highlight as it weighs on many parents' and students' minds throughout high school.

“Leadership” can be displayed in many forms. I equate this word in my mind to “proactivity.” There simply aren’t enough club presidencies, team captain roles, or student council positions to provide an official leadership position for every student. Furthermore, these “official” leadership positions are not a good fit for every student. I always advocate to students that they follow their passions and ask themselves “what can I do that’s a step beyond what is expected?” Perhaps it’s informally mentoring younger athletes, musicians, club members, etc. Perhaps it’s organizing a small group to conduct a service project. Perhaps it’s campaigning for a favorite cause. My advice is to demonstrate leadership through actions, which doesn’t always come with a fancy title.