College Application Essay Coaching


Applying to college can be stressful for both students and parents. I help facilitate this process by meeting with students, getting to know them, and helping them to reflect upon their backgrounds and accomplishments and clearly articulate their interests and goals. Together we then brainstorm meaningful, personal topics for their main Common Application essay and school-specific supplemental essays.

After students write initial drafts, I guide them on editing and polishing the content and wording so they produce mature, introspective essays that will help them get accepted to their target colleges. I have worked with students from across the Chicago area and across the country, and 100% of my clients have achieved acceptance to at least one of their target schools.

The Process

Start the process by scheduling a free initial 30-minute parent consultation so that we can discuss your child's unique needs and goals. We will then recommend a personalized plan of action.

The student experience involves meeting with me either in person or via phone or Skype to share their personal stories. I like to challenge students to consider their “elevator pitch” and tell me what experiences, activities, accomplishments, and/or goals percolate to the top of their minds when they are put on the spot to describe themselves. We then dive deeper into these stories and identify those that will make the best possible content for the various essays the students must write.

After selecting their topics, students will write their first drafts and submit those to me. I will offer high level thoughts and comments on the content and recommend revisions to improve the essays. Once the content is finalized, I will edit and polish the essays to make sure they sparkle and make the greatest impact on admissions committees.


The process of sending essays back and forth to perfect them varies in duration depending on the pace at which a student submits revisions as well as the number of supplemental essays a student has chosen to write in addition to the main Common Application essay. Typically, the entire process lasts one to three months. I advise beginning this process during the summer prior to senior year to ensure ample time to produce excellent essays.

I work with a limited number of students each application season to ensure that I provide unlimited access and undivided focus to each deserving student.

Freshman/Sophomore Year

  • Students enroll in classes that interest and appropriately challenge them
  • Explore personal, extracurricular, and service-related interests
  • While students may continue to pursue multiple interests, they should choose a few pursuits that genuinely interest them and “dive deep” into these activities, dedicating significant time and energy and seeking initial opportunities for leadership
  • Students begin to speak with their high school college counselors, parents, and other mentors about the size, location, environment, and academic strengths they are seeking in their ideal college

Junior Year

  • Students continue to explore challenging coursework, maintain involvement in their chosen activities, and seek opportunities for leadership, whether formal (elected or appointed positions) or informal (mentoring, tutoring, etc.)
  • Continue to research colleges and begin to narrow down list of target schools
  • Ideally, students and parents visit target schools or attend information sessions that are held in their local area
  • Students finalize a working list of target colleges and identify a program to which they intend to apply Early Action if they have a strong desire to attend a particular school
  • During the summer prior to senior year, students meet with me to discuss ideas for the Common App main essay and all supplemental essays for target list of schools
  • Students begin to write their essays drafts and send them to me for recommended revisions to content and editing

Senior Year

  • Request letters of recommendation from teachers and/or other relevant mentors
  • Polish and finalize all application essays and online application forms
  • Submit application(s) at least a few days in advance of published deadlines
  • Meet with me to discuss and implement waitlist strategies if necessary

Commencing the Process

LGC offers various essay coaching and application guidance packages. Please contact us for more information about our packages, the services included, and pricing.