ACT/SAT Tutoring


I offer customized ACT and SAT tutoring, tailoring my techniques and materials to help each individual achieve his or her best possible score. I have professional training in ACT tutoring and have recently familiarized myself with the new SAT format. I have taught both large groups in high school settings and individuals in private sessions, which I greatly prefer. I have worked with students who possess a wide range of abilities and challenges. For those with SLD, I customize my methods and practice testing to include specialized strategies for each student and practice testing that incorporates extra time. Partnering my test prep services with my college essay consulting services allows me to offer a comprehensive admission prep package to students, who benefit from working closely with one individual throughout the entire process. ACT and SAT tutoring is available to students in the North Shore and Northwest Chicago suburbs in my Lincolnshire office.

The Process

Start the process by scheduling a free initial 30-minute parent consultation so that we can discuss your child's unique needs and goals. We will then recommend a personalized plan of action.

The student experience involves taking a retired ACT and SAT to determine which test he or she prefers and on which he or she achieves a higher initial score. I also use these tests as diagnostic tools. Even if a student has previously taken a practice ACT or PSAT administered by his or her school or an actual ACT or SAT exam, I can only review their composite scores for each of the subject areas.

By giving students a test myself, I can see each individual question they answered incorrectly and learn far more about their areas of relative strength and weakness. Perhaps they always miss questions involving a particular grammar rule or type of math problem, for example. By gaining these insights, I can ensure that I offer additional instruction and practice on these particular subjects and question types as we prepare for the test.

The process of thoroughly preparing for the ACT or SAT varies in length depending on the amount of instruction and review that is warranted for each individual student. Some will benefit from a comprehensive instructional package that involves multiple lessons and practice sessions for each subject area on the test. Others may only require a fundamental set of lessons to review or fine tune areas in which they have room for further improvement. I work with parents and students to assess needs and recommend the ideal program for each child.


The ACT or SAT tutoring process typically lasts between two and four months. I recommend beginning this process in the summer between sophomore and junior years for several reasons.

First, a student will have less commitments relating to academic work and extracurricular activities and will have more opportunities during the day to carve out time for ACT or SAT prep.

Second, I always advise students to prep with a target test date in mind. If students plan to take the test in the fall of their junior year, they will have ample time to take additional tests to further improve their scores or they will be done with the test and have it “off their plates” if they achieve their target score.

I work with a limited number of students to ensure that I provide unlimited access and undivided focus to each one.

Sophomore Year

  • Take school-administered practice ACT, ACT Aspire, or PSAT (if required by school district)

Junior Year

  • Take recently retired ACT or SAT with me – preferably during the summer between sophomore and junior years
  • I analyze test results to gain insight into the student’s relative areas of strength and weakness, advise upon the better test for the student, and plan customized tutoring lessons accordingly
  • Student begins weekly or twice weekly instructional sessions that are scheduled to lead up to a target test date
  • Student also participates in practice problem sessions during which I will immediately review the responses given and provide in-depth explanations about any incorrect answers to ensure maximum learning and retention
  • Student takes ACT or SAT on target test date
  • I evaluate ACT or SAT results with the student, formulate a plan for fine tuning his or her strategies and pacing, and determine a timeline for taking subsequent tests if warranted

Commencing the Process

Students may opt for a service package that combines ACT or SAT tutoring and college essay development or choose a package that is specific to one service or the other. Please contact me for more information on my specific packages and fee schedule.